Leica GM10 All-in-one GNSS Sensor for Monitoring


GNSS Signal Modernisation
The GM10 supports a variety of GNSS signals including L1, L2, L5,  Galileo tracking including AltBOC, as well as BeiDou and QZSS.

Dedicated GNSS Monitoring Sensor
Leica GM10 is a plug-and-play monitoring solution providing a low power consumption and fully ruggedized housing with various mounting options. Observation data can be logged on board or streamed directly to the Internet with rate up to 50Hz. Additionally, on board connec-tion to a real time data stream and calculation of a fixed RTK position is available which guarantees autonomy of your setup. Built in communication slot allows Ra-dio/GSM/GPRS/UMTS/CDMA devices.

Easy Installation and Operation
With different communication and networking options your monitoring installations are easily reachable and efficient. A modern web interface, with the assistance of setup wizards, enables easy and flexible configuration. Leica Geosystems’ unique Active Assist service offers customers efficient and fast support on site and in real time.

Modular Setup with Three Models
The modular design based on the three different models enables the best possible adaptation of the Leica GM10 sensor to specific and versatile project requirements.

  • Leica GM10 Basic is the ideal solution to monitor slow moving objects e.g. landslides, dams or subsidence in near real time. It is also suitable for monitoring the control network of reference points used in TPS monitoring projects.
  • Leica GM10 Performance is very well suited for high speed deformation monitoring in real time and can be perfectly used to monitor dynamic changes of large structures, like suspension bridges or high rise buildings.
  • Leica GM10 Professional offers a complete solution for the highest performance real-time GNSS Monitoring. Additionally, it offers onboard RINEX conversion and FTP push of observation data in different formats. By using the Leica Crosscheck service it is also perfectly suitable to compute long baselines e.g. for oil platforms, seismic studies and scientific applications.