Leica GMX901 plus


Technical Data Leica GMX901plus

GPS technology
Type, channelsL1 measurements
L2 measurements
Single frequency, 120 channels, L1 only (optional L1/L2), GPS only (optional GPS+Glonass) , 1Hz (optional 5Hz)
Carrier phase full wave length, C/A narrow code.
Carrier phase full wave length, L2C narrow code, P-code (AS off or on, aided under AS. Equal performance with AS off or on)
Advanced GPS
measurement technology
Time to acquire all satellites after switching on: typically 30 sec.
Multipath mitigation.
Jamming resistant.
Control software (required) Leica GNSS Spider. For managing single and multiple receivers, for computing positions, and for creating RINEX files for post-processing.
Data output Leica binary (LB2) raw data. Other formats available through GNSS Spider
Weight 0.7 kg
Size (L x W x D) 18.6 cm x 18.6 cm x 6 cm
Temperature range
-40° C to +65° C
-40° C to +80° C
Environmental Protection
Rain, dust, sand, wind
Up to 100%
IP67 – Protection against blowing rain and dust
Waterproof to temporary submersion into water (1 m)
Vibration 10 Hz – 500 Hz, +/-0.35 mm, 5 g
Shock 40 g, 6 ms
Supply voltage
External power input
Nominal 12 V DC
10.5 – 28 V DC
Power consumption 1.7 W
Serial/External Power
1 LEMO-1 connectors, 8-pin, 4800 – 230’400 baud
Antenna Integrated Leica AT501 microstrip antenna with built-in groundplane