Sensor de aceleración

The well proven technology of silicon micromachined capacitive sensors has been further improved by optimizing the sensor structure. Integration of electronics into an application specific IC results in a small high precision accelerometer which shows environmental and reliability performance similar to integrated circuits.

This accelerometer, built as triaxial device, suits ideally into seismic instrumentation. The DC coupled output in combination with the very low shortand long-term drift provides true engineering data that require no post-processing.

The micromachined capacitive accelerometer has become an attractive alternative against traditionally used FBAs. It’s small dimensions, rugged construction and excellent reliability makes it especially suitable for unattended free-field instruments and instrumentation of structures, such as nuclear power plants, dams and seismic alerting systems.

The sensors are factory calibrated and require no re-calibration. They are equipped with a fully comprehensive self-test function.